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A Supermarket store specializes in the retailing of food, and sometimes a few non-food items. Supermarket stores often carry different types of food from assorted places and cultures.
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  >Sell Management
  >Loyalty & Promotions  
  >Track Customers  
  >Purchase & Re Order  
  >Store Operations
  >E-Commerce Integration
  >Financial Accounting 
  >Security Reports  
  >Multi-store Management

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Effective Supermarket store POS software should have good inventory tracking and ordering systems, customer tracking features, and sales trending reporting. In the supermarket business, accurate inventory information is essential; many of the items are perishable with limited shelf lives. If stock levels of fast moving items are kept too low the store can lose money from lost sales. If stock levels of slow moving items are kept too high, money can be lost from expired perishable products. It is important to identify the fast and slow moving items, and have a way to adjust minimum and maximum stock amounts. Frequent buyer cards or customer discount cards provide a way to collect customer information. Utilizing this type of information allows companies to market more efficiently and effectively to their customer bases.

Our Supermarket Point POS software provides all the features and functionality necessary to run a Supermarket Store point of sale system. Inventory tracking and advanced inventory reporting helps to identify the fast moving items. Stock levels can be set for each item in the store to ensure proper inventory levels are maintained and items are not over-ordered or over-stocked.  Easily create frequent buyer programs or gift cards to help keep customers returning. Easily compare “live-time” data from several store locations to identify sales trends or areas for improvement. Our POS provides retailers the tools and functionality to run their businesses with less effort and more profit.

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